5 ton excavator hydraulic grapple

Payment Type: L/C, T/T

Incoterm: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP

Min. Order:1 PC/PCS

Transportation:Little parts can be delivered by Express or Air, for bulk order delivered by Ocean or Train

Port: Shanghai Port,Qingdao Port,Lianyungang Port and other China main sea port

XZFE Machinery excavator hydraulic grapples are well suited for the secondary processing of various materials by grabbing and placing, sorting, raking, loading and unloading loose materials including wood, steel, brick, stone and large rocks.

Hydraulic grapple use the cylinder to control claw open and close, it is the premier grapple of choice in the demolition and forestry industries due to its robust design and ease of use.   

The five finger design allows for better handling of materials and more flexibility.   The interlocked webbed design also provides more strength through the grapple construction.

Grapple Features:

Five tine design allows for better handling

Interlocked webbed design gives maximum strength

High strength, anti-abrasion steel

Complies with rigorous safety requirements

Seals protect the pins from grease and dirt, reducing maintenance

5T hydraulic grapple 4.jpg5T hydraulic grapple 2.jpg5T hydraulic grapple 3.jpg5T hydraulic grapple 5.jpg