20 ton HD excavator root rake

Payment Type: L/C, T/T

Incoterm: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP

Min. Order:1 PC/PCS

Transportation:Little parts can be delivered by Express or Air, for bulk order delivered by Ocean or Train

Port: Shanghai Port,Qingdao Port,Lianyungang Port and other China main sea port

XZFE excavator root rake is used for cleaning away unwanted roots, limbs and brush while leaving behind valuable soil, allows for lower dumping and transportation costs and keeps the soil where it is needed.


Built with NM 400 and NM 450 steel,

The Strong steel construction provides a long service life.

The round tube crossbar adds an extra level of lateral strength and traps debris.

It is designed with a variety of widths to suit different situations.


Use for ground levelling, gathering roots, rocks and brush and lawns for reseeding.

20T root rake 2.jpg20T root rake 3.jpg20T root rake 4.jpg20T root rake 5.jpg