Made for 1 ton -45 ton excavators.
Used Q355+NM400/NM500 steel
Roller width can be made as your request
Accept OEM/ODM order
Production time: 15-25 days

It is designed to be used on excavators, backhoes and skid steers for soil compaction in trenches and on embankments.  

Work faster and more effectively than a vibratory compaction plate, providing less wear and tear on both the machines and the operating driver.  

Smooth operation provides safe reassurance when working near pipes, lines and foundations.   

Prevent soil bridging from occurring as compaction wheels compact soil from the bottom up, breaking up the soil and filling voids in the soil as it rotates.   

Provide the same level of compaction regardless of the speed applied.   

The mixing and kneading operation of the wheel helps to distribute soil moisture and provides a uniform soil consistency for better compaction.