Made for 1 ton -30 ton excavators.
Used Q355+NM400/NM500 steel
Imported high quality motor
Accept OEM/ODM order
Production time: 15-25 days

The hydraulic compactors are an ideal machine for applications where the task is to compact soil on slopes or in confined places where self-moving plates or rollers cannot operate.   Good examples are pipeline backfills and road or railway slopes.   The hydraulic plate compactors have very good compaction performance and it makes it possible to add thicker layers on a backfill.    Machine-driven soil compactors work quickly and economically and are easy to operate.   Hydraulic compactors can be fitted to standard adapter plates and quick-coupling systems.   When adapted by a quick coupler, the same excavator can easily perform filling and compaction without waiting for a separate machine.    A compactor attachment creates little noise and offers increased safety particularly when used in trenches, as there is no longer any need for someone to stand directly in the workspace.    Optional continuous rotation device makes positioning easy.   Productivity can be enhanced, even in terrain which is hard to be accessed.

Excavator weight
Plate size
11-28 inch
17-28 inch
22-35 inch
28-45 inch
34-44 inch