Our excavator auger package deal comes with your choice of hydraulic drive, single pin or double pin cradle mount, hoses & couplers and your choice of tungsten carbide auger.
We have three mounting brackets, so are available to suit all makes and models of excavators, mini loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoes.
ModelExcavatorOutput TorquePressureOil FlowOutput Shaft SpeedWeight
FE-20000.5-2 ton550-1900 Nm70-240 Bar27-75 LPM30-95 RPM41 kgs
FE-30001-3 ton800-3000 Nm70-240 Bar27-75 LPM35-88 RPM41 kgs
FE-50003-4.5 ton1500-5000 Nm80-240 Bar50-95 LPM42-80 RPM66 kgs
FE-80004.5-8 ton2130-8000 Nm80-260 Bar60-135 LPM35-80 RPM124 kgs
FE-100005-10 ton2130-10000 Nm80-260 Bar60-135 LPM35-80 RPM131 kgs
FE-180008-15 ton5000-18000 Nm80-240 Bar80-170 LPM20-42 RPM165 kgs
FE-3000015-22 ton16500-30000 Nm160-260 Bar80-170 LPM12-28 RPM255 kgs
FE-5000020-36 ton30000-50000 Nm220-350 Bar100-300 LPM0-30 RPM460 kgs
FE-8000026-40 ton50000-80000 Nm220-350 Bar200-400 LPM0-20 RPM770 kgs